My name is Guido J. van den Elshout. I’m from The Hague, The Netherlands.

last updated November 2020.

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Chi Beheer

Has been a tradename of my professional Dutch limited liability company since the seventies.

Chi Beheer also used to be my vehicle to register various urls.

I will be closing down the legal entity, because I ceased my professional activities already quite some time ago. In addition various people/legalentities have been and are using the name Chi Beheer despite the fact that my legal entity had registered it from the seventies without interruption. I’m fed up having to take those people to court for their abuse of the tradename Chi Beheer without my consent.

So the registrations of url’s and websites have moved from Chi Beheer to a new Dutch legal entity named SAOI

I will wind down Chibeheer Soon.

The Site Chi Beheer also used to be my WordPress Sandbox

I used the site chibeheer (.com and .nl pointed to the same site) mainly to test various WordPress plugins and WordPress themes. In addition I’d sometimes been pulling posts from other sites of my own or sites I contributed to that were related to site hosting issues and WordPress themes and plugin issues to the chibeheer site. Furthermore I’ve been bookmarking references to sites and posts related to same here. So I can better concentrate when I’m fudzing around with website design when I have all relevant info in one place rather than spread over the various blogs I contribute to.

There are also private posts here on the site (for my eyes only), because in addition to testing WordPress themes and plugins I use the site to manipulate imports and exports to and from other sites. It would be duplicate content, if I would make those posts public here.

I’ve moved the content of Chi Beheer to Beschuitclub to create a bit more order in my blogging.