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How to run Dos Programs in Windows 8.1

As XP is now without further support and let loose by Microsoft some DOS diehards like me need to execute dos programs in a 32 or 16 bit dos emulation.

Win 8.1 is on a newer computer usually in its 64 bits format….

In the fora I have seen 5 possible solutions:

  1. Run it in a Dos window of a 32 bit Windows 8.1 install
  2. Use Dosbox . See its wiki for more info.
    Windows claims Dosbox is compatible with its version 8.1. However it says DosBox version 1 is compatible whereas the current known DosBox version is 0.74. Weird
  3. The third possibility seems to use Window’s own Hyper Visor or Client hyper V. See also Bringing Hyper V to Windows
  4. Oracles Virtual Box maybe?
  5. VM ware player is mentioned as another alternative.

Still trying to figure it out.

File Sync

Hold on. It happened to me: One of my computers didn’t start up and I was afraid I’d lost over 5,000 recent photos which I knew I had not saved on another disk than the only C disk of the broken computer.

Usually I keep copies of data files on several computers, but I admit I’m not very organized at this. So it happens that I have duplicate content on several hard disks and some files on only one disk.

I need a program like the Good Old Norton File Manager (Not sure it was earlier or later than Norton Commander. It stems from the very early Windows versions. Took over from ye old PCTools and I have used it throughout many windows versions up and including XP SP2… Actually my main computer is still running XP.

I’m using Total Commander which isn’t bad but a bit anti intuitive.

But the best value thusfar is in my view: free file sync

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