Thesis Skin Editor 2012-11-30 14-56-28

Blank Screen Editor in Thesis 2.0.2 and later versions

No problem with a blank screen here in Chi Beheer, but getting a blank skin editor in Firefox, IE and Chrome browsers at Chair Blog. However not in Safari. Moreover this is not a consistent problem. Sometimes it occurs and sometimes it doesn’t. Really frustrating.

Some further research revealed that a seed.txt and a seed.php existed in the wp-content/thesis folder. Taking the seed.txt of the two out made the skin editor visible in FireFox.

When I inter changed the seed.txt and seed.php file also visibility.

When I put both back together it again resulted in visibility.

Update: And it happens again after updating to T 2.0.3

Which in one way or another I was able to solve.

Update: And it happens again after updating to T

For those with access to the Thesis Forum here is the link to the forum post

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