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More Thoughts on Thesis

A good link: Why You Really Don’t Know How to Use Thesis 2… and What You Need to Do About It.

Nielsen on T2

Nielsen is a Headway advocate, was a Thesis aficionado, but not so much anymore.

Blank Screen Editor in Thesis 2.0.2 and later versions

Thesis Skin Editor 2012-11-30 14-56-28

Blank Screen Editor in Thesis 2.0.2 and later versions

No problem with a blank screen here in Chi Beheer, but getting a blank skin editor in Firefox, IE and Chrome browsers at Chair Blog. However not in Safari. Moreover this is not a consistent problem. Sometimes it occurs and sometimes it doesn’t. Really frustrating.

Some further research revealed that a seed.txt and a seed.php existed in the wp-content/thesis folder. Taking the seed.txt of the two out made the skin editor visible in FireFox.

When I inter changed the seed.txt and seed.php file also visibility.

When I put both back together it again resulted in visibility.

Update: And it happens again after updating to T 2.0.3

Which in one way or another I was able to solve.

Update: And it happens again after updating to T

For those with access to the Thesis Forum here is the link to the forum post

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Thesis 2.0 Manuals

Slowly, but gradually DIY Themes is developping its T2.0 and T2.0.2 Manuals at DIYthemes.com

Another Helpful Thesis Site

Is DIY WP Blog, curious as to what actually their connection with DIY Themes is….

Rick Beckman

As this site is about my online adventures, I like to jot down the link to Rick Beckman’s Thesis 2.0 review.

His thoughts as a former Thesis guy almost drove me to abandoning Thesis alltogether, as the 2.0 Launch was really a mess. No tutorials and moreover within a couple of days some new releases that other than the T1.XX versions didn’t have their own version numbers, with as a consequence you really could be mixed up very fast. In addition the forum is becoming a real mess to wade through because of the help requests of all first timers (like myself).

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