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For what it’s worth

7 WordPress plugins to enhance readership

Windows Live Writer

Is that something to use?

Well I tested it with this post. I could make a draft of this post with it. Hurray!

Is it helpful? I don’t think so. I have a couple of blogs and Live Writer is in principle for one blog. I create a post faster in the normal WordPress edit screen.

Dutch Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Dutch Dedicated WordPress Hosting

There are some:

And here are some ideas:

See my WP Engine Adventure

I want my sites hosted in NL.

Responsive Webdesign

I’m reading a bit about Responsive webdesign:

Jotting down some links for future reference:

Scoble on Cargo Collective

Testing a new Installation

Chi Beheer Headway 940X140
Where would the image go

Page Navigation in WordPress

Page Navigation in WordPress

I’m having problems since I’ve installed the paginator plugin and a simple link like chibeheer.com/page gives a 404 error…ehm actually it does not here but on another blog….

I’m jotting down links to the codex about:


The guys behind Posterous have put up Posthaven as a sucessor to Posterous which was acquired and then killed by Twitter. Interesting to read their pledge.

Who’s doing it?

Garry Tan and Brett Gibson were two of the cofounders of Posterous in 2008. Posterous was acquired by Twitter in 2012, and while we were happy that it was a meaningful acquisition for the team and investors, we were bummed to see something get shuttered that we believed should last forever.

We know how to build every aspect of a great site, and we’re setting out to do it again.
Why are you doing this?

We want to build simple, useful, usable software for people. That’s what we love to do. We’ll never sell this site. It’s not for sale. Ever. Not negotiable.

Adventure with WPEngine

This post has moved to Happy Hotelier

Tweetchat and Blogpraat

From time to time I participate in #blogpraat (Each monday between 20.00 and 21.00 hr Amsterdam time).
The #blogpraat room of Tweetchat is a handy tool.

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